The 5th Cranium Nerve: What Every Dentist & Oral Surgeon Needs To Know

If you work in a dental office, whether as a dentist, oral surgeon, or hygienist, it's important to understand the various cranial nerves that could be affected by dental treatments, surgeries, and procedures. Damage to the nerves in the oral cavity could result in serious health implications for your patients. And problems with these nerves can mimic dental conditions, which can lead to misdiagnoses. In fact, 33.6% of trigeminal neuralgia patients have been misdiagnosed with dental problems by a dentist. Read More 

Entering The World Of Multi-Level Marketing? What Insurance Coverage Do You Need?

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a business model that has recently skyrocketed in popularity. MLMs have even been deemed the answer to financial independence for those who can't yet afford to retire. If you're interested in developing an alternative stream of income by engaging in direct sales of jewelry, cosmetics, home goods, or other products, you're probably eager to begin and may have already ordered your starter package. However, despite its relatively low barriers to entry, an MLM is still a business -- and you'll need to consider whether your current home and auto insurance coverage will fully compensate you for any theft, damage, or other losses you suffer while performing business-related activities. Read More 

Reasons You Should Have Tenants Insurance

Do you have insurance on your rented home or apartment? There's a good chance that you don't, since the Insurance Bureau of Canada says that about half of all renters don't have tenants insurance, and younger renters are especially likely to be lacking in insurance. If you're one of the renters that doesn't have any insurance, take a moment to find out why it's so important to consider purchasing a tenants insurance policy. Read More